September 29, 2021


Amazon is the undisputed king of e-commerce. In 2020, its market share increased to 38.7%, a huge 33.4 points ahead of its nearest competitor. What’s more, the platform’s set to continue growing at its current pace. 

So, Amazon’s the place to be if you’re looking to up your e-commerce sales. But how can you make sure your products stand out from the crowd? 

One way is ensuring your product images are on point. While top quality images are fundamental to boosting sales on the platform, low quality images are likely to turn potential customers off your product. 

Here, we’ll dive into the detail of what makes top quality product images so crucial for success on Amazon. Ready? 

First impressions count

Your main product image is the very first thing that your potential buyers see on Amazon. It’s the first point of contact between product and customer, right from when your product appears in their search results.

If they like what they see, they’ll click. If they don’t, they’ll scroll right past. Amazon is first and foremost a shopping platform, so simple buyers’ logic comes into play. If the product images are bad, they’ll think, the product itself can’t be much better. So, why would they even bother to click on it? 

Images really are the make or break for purchase decisions on Amazon. According to Amazon Seller University, 83% of shoppers on the platform decide what to buy based on a product’s images. 

Plus, your sales rank on Amazon (your organic ranking) also depends on the quality of your product images. Essentially, Amazon’s algorithm is set up so that the more a product gets clicked on, the better it’ll be ranked in the first place (more on that below). 

Leverage quality product images for branding and advertising 

Your product images are the face of your brand on Amazon. So, you’ll want them to make a splash! 

Here, it’s important to remember that consistency is key. Ensure your product images have coherent style and tone. If they do, they’ll create an enjoyable brand experience for browsers, while conveying a strong brand identity. If they don’t, they’ll leave browsers unconvinced by your brand and unsure about your product offering. 

Make the Amazon algorithm work for you

Top quality product images will improve your products’ performance on Amazon. How, you ask? Essentially, good product images prompt users to click on your product. 

As the product’s Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate (CR) improve, this leads to increased sales and better overall product ranking.  

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Quality product images boost conversion rates 

Good product images can convince shoppers to buy your product, therefore boosting your Conversion Rate (CR). 

Firstly, top level aesthetics will present your product as high quality and appealing. This engages customers, prompting them to click to find out more. 

Secondly, good product images tell shoppers everything they need to know about your product, including all its key features. That way, they can be sure they’re making a well-informed purchase. 

This helps to build trust with your customers, as they know exactly what to expect from your products. Plus, product detail images are a perfect opportunity for you to highlight all the assets that set your product apart from its competitors. 

That’s more, your customers will be able to process all the product information they need without having to read through lots of text. Instead, it’s all clearly laid out in product images for them. Easy. 

In addition, high quality images are key for building A+ Content on Amazon. A relatively recent addition to the platform, A+ Pages are your opportunity to create an immersive branded shopping experience for your customers. 

Top quality images: the gateway to more sales on Amazon

As we’ve seen, good quality images are an absolute must-have for selling on Amazon. 

Prioritise adding the best images you can to make the Amazon algorithm work for you, boosting CTRs and CRs across your listings. Remember, that first impression is what really counts! 

Would you like tailored advice on your Amazon product images? Get in touch with our team. 



Is what we breathe and has been in our family for generations. We have been in e-commerce since 2012 and still, it took us wakeful nights and


Is what we breathe and has been in our family for generations. We have been in e-commerce since 2012 and still, it took us wakeful nights and


Is what we breathe and has been in our family for generations. We have been in e-commerce since 2012 and still, it took us wakeful nights and