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We strengthen those who are ambitious, innovate and believe their company is here to stay and improves the world for the better. We focus on trusted partnerships on the basis of aligned incentives and similar ambitions.

Sawa agency - Amazon

Multiple generations of entrepreneurship

How it all started

Entrepreneurship flows through our family veins, starting way back in the 1500's in Amsterdam. Fast forward a few generations and we find ourselves moving business over to the e-commerce era. 

We have been in e-commerce since the beginning 2012 and had the time to experiment and learn. Still, it took us wakeful nights and every tactic in the book to rise all the way up to the top 2000 Amazon Sellers.

When our retail division started selling on Amazon, the market wasn’t half as competitive as it is today. Did you know that more than a million sellers are joining Amazon every year now? Now more than ever the right proven strategies and tactics are critical to succeed if you want to grow substantially on the platform. 

In the process, we trekked the road that leads to success and discovered the pitfalls that cause businesses to crash and burn. We have been dominating the Amazon marketplace for most part of a decade in our product categories and are still going strong.

In our seventh year on Amazon, we launched our  SAWA Amazon Agency, with the vision to let other premium brands & retailers benefit from the expertise and team we have acquired while growing our own business and brands.

Driven by seven core values

Hanging belief statements on a wall isn't sufficient. We believe values must be internalized and practiced intentionally. We want a company we are proud of, so we strive to live these values every day.

Excellence - Partnership - Teamwork - Creativity - Dependability - Fun - Integrity

Who We Are

Meet our team.

Rinse Gijsman SAWA

Rinse Gijsman

Steven SAWA
Lead Strategic Consultant

Steven Gijsman

Lead Strategic Consultant
Sebastiaan Holweg SAWA
Lead Marketplace Operations

Sebastiaan Holweg

Oscar SAWA1
Customer Success Manager

Oscar Wientjes

Sandra SAWA
Brand experience expert

Sandra Klauenberg

Business Developer

IJsbrand Straatman

Anand Murti SAWA Team fotos
Implementation Expert

Anand Murti

FRITS Team fotos
Feel Good Manager