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How do you make sure you capitalize on the Amazon opportunity and beat the competition?

Billions of products are listed on Amazon across all niches of business, screaming for the attention of millions of consumers. With increased competition during (and after) the pandemic, simply listing your products and hoping for the best isn't going to cut it anymore. The stakes are high, and that's why tested strategies are needed to thrive and skyrocket your sales and brand experience on Amazon. 

If your brand is not performing, changes are you are not in line with the A9 algorithm and fully optimized and compliant with Amazon’s (often invisible) rules. Amazon is growing rapidly, and not being optimized the right way is a huge opportunity loss and could actually harm your brand on Amazon. 

Here are 5 things brands struggle with most that’s killing their profitability on Amazon: 
  • Branding Challenges
  • There’s more competition than ever
  • Amazon Price Wars
  • Receiving Amazon Feedback
  • Strict Restrictions, Policies and rules
Our clients usually double or triple their sales on amazon within 6 months, get 90% more 5 star ratings and dramatically less returns.
Amazon to double revenue by 2025

Amazon controls 53% of all e-Commerce sales (usa)


Amazon's total revenue is expected to jump to about $821.53 billion in 2025, from $386.06 billion in 2020.

can your brand afford not to take full advantage of this trend?


Imagine your brand being successful on Amazon as kickstarting and maintaining a flywheel. When properly conceived and executed, it creates both continuity and growth in revenue. Our SAWA GROWTH COACHING and SYSTEM helps you do just that.

1. Setup

We start your Amazon growth journey using our SAWA.SCAN - a thorough analysis of your current market share, data, opportunities and tech.

2. fundament

Guided by our newly formed strategic growth plan, we start developing, solidifying or repairing the fundamentals with our interdisciplinary team and growth expertise. This part is crucial for effective marketing and brand protection later on.

3. Run

The testing and operating fase to manage the account and make sure everything is running smoothly and is ready for the growth phase. This is an ongoing process.

4. Grow

The launch of cost effective marketing campaigns to solidify and get the flywheel rolling and supercharge your brand and Amazon growth.

5. Maintenance

Staying current with Amazon requires a lot of work. The A9 algorithm keeps changing, new features and opportunities are released and tactics keep changing. Stay on top of these to keep the flywheel running smoothly.


“The benefits of combining Amazon advertising campaigns with a proper customer journey have been enormous for us.” – Melvin Kok, CEO at Suitical International B.V.

Helping PREMIUM BRANDS skyrocket their profits and brand experience on amazon

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