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Amazon Launches in Sweden

On Wednesday October 28, Amazon made its first venture into the Nordic countries with a launch in Sweden. It’s now operating the Swedish marketplace

The expansion aims to “empower small Swedish businesses through Amazon,” said Amazon’s Vice-President of EU Expansion Alex Ootes. Amazon is also aiming to “earn the trust of customers in Sweden.” So, what does the launch mean for e-commerce strategy?

How many European marketplaces does Amazon have? 

Before launching in Sweden, Amazon operated on 6 European marketplaces: Germany, the UK, Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands. 

The Swedish launch was Amazon’s largest yet, with 40,000 sellers joining the new marketplace. Amazon’s previous launch in the Netherlands saw 30,000 sellers join the new platform. At the time, that was a record number. 

So far, only around 100 local Swedish businesses have joined the new marketplace. Sellers across China, Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain and France make up most sellers.

The majority of these sellers were already active on Amazon’s other European platforms. As a result, many have joined the new Swedish marketplace to expand their reach.


Amazon launch in Sweden: how to join

Sellers who are already active on Amazon’s other global marketplaces can join its new Swedish platform simply and easily. 

Current Amazon Selling Partners simply need to add Seller Central Sweden to their country options list in their EU Seller account. key facts and figures

  • Free shipping on orders over 229 Swedish kroner (equivalent to around €22) on FBA products
  • 40,000 sellers joined the platform launch
  • Currently no option for Prime membership in Sweden

Amazon’s launch in Sweden: the setup

Amazon has launched its new platform alongside investing in a 91 megawatt wind farm in Bäckhammar, a municipality in the south of the country. 

The renewable energy from the wind farm will power Amazon’s data centers. It will also contribute electrical power back into Sweden’s national grid. 

What’s next for Amazon’s European expansion? 

Amazon is set to continue expanding into smaller European markets. The platform’s ability to launch platforms at low cost ensures this is a viable move. 

Currently, Sweden is Amazon’s smallest market by GDP and e-commerce spending. However, represents a strategic growth opportunity for sellers already active on Amazon’s other European platforms.

Poland will likely be Amazon’s next European expansion, as the country already houses multiple fulfillment centers.