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Is Amazon MCI Right for My Business?

Multi-Country Inventory (Amazon MCI) is one of multiple Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) options for sellers in Europe. With MCI, sellers can ship their inventory to Amazon’s fulfillment centers in multiple European countries. These fulfillment centers span 7 countries: Germany, the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic. 

Advantages of Amazon MCI

Store inventory in multiple countries

Multi-Country Inventory lets Amazon sellers ship FBA inventory to fulfillment centers in multiple European countries. The choice is yours, based your customers’ location. 

Fast delivery

Your customers will receive your products faster, as they’re dispatched from local fulfillment centers. 

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members can view your product listings. Your products also qualify for faster shipping options, including:

  • Amazon Prime Premium Shipping
  • Free Delivery (from €29)
  • Express Delivery (where available) 

Reduced shipping costs

Access lower shipping costs when you ship inventory in bulk to local fulfillment centers. That way, you’ll save money in comparison to shipping single deliveries across borders.

Full product control

With MCI, each country’s inventory is completely separate from products you store in other European fulfillment centers. This means you can ship separate inventories to each European country. As a result, it’s easier to meet specific packaging and language requirements

Key points to note 

Separate inventory for separate countries

With Amazon MCI, the inventory you store in each country is kept completely separate. So, if you’re selling out in Germany, for example, you won’t be able to restock with inventory stored in France. 

Monitor your inventory closely

Ensure you regularly ship inventory to all your MCI countries. Keep your stock levels balanced, so you can consistently meet customer demand! 

For more information, you can watch Amazon’s MCI explainer video here