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Organizing your Amazon VAT with Sawa & Hellotax

Organizing Amazon VAT is one of the most complex aspects of selling on its European marketplaces. Depending on where you want to sell your products and which Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services you use, you might need to apply for VAT numbers in multiple countries

To simplify organizing your Amazon VAT, Sawa works with Hellotax: the all-in-one solution for VAT in e-commerce

Our Sawa team is pleased to offer our clients a discount on Hellotax's intuitive, all-in-one VAT tools.

How can Hellotax help with organizing Amazon VAT?

Understanding how VAT works is fundamental to your seller success in cross-border European e-commerce. 

Firstly, outsourcing your VAT to experts will ensure you’re fully tax compliant. Secondly, it’ll allow your business to grow and, thirdly, it’ll increase productive competition to benefit your consumers.

Hellotax is an online VAT company designed with e-commerce sellers in mind. As such, it offers tailored VAT solutions and effective tools for online sellers in Europe

That means no more struggling to get to grips with different rules, different languages and different representational requirements. Instead, you and your accountant can easily handle cross-border returns and taxation filings with hellotax’s VAT tool.



VAT tools, designed with online sellers in mind

Hellotax knows the needs of e-commerce sellers inside out. For that reason, we know they’re a true asset to our clients at Sawa. 

Hellotax tailors in-house tool development to include various features specifically designed to meet the needs of online sellers

  • Easy understanding of how VAT functions across European e-commerce operations
  • All-in-one online tool to ensure you comply with all the relevant VAT requirements
  • Ability to handle all VAT-related tasks and duties correctly
  • Real time monitoring of sales and VAT threshold limits 
  • Notifications series to let online sellers know that annual sales volumes have reached threshold limits
  • Notifications for sellers when VAT registrations are due 
  • Ensured public tax collection and seller compliance 

Start organizing Amazon VAT with Hellotax

Hellotax offers a free version of its tax tool to cover your basic needs as an e-commerce seller. In addition, there’s a paid version which includes various added features.

Here’s a breakdown of the services you can access across the free and paid versions of theHellotax tool: 

PAID Version FREE Version
✓ Software Account ✓ Software Account
✓ Software Integrations ✓ Software Integrations
✓ Threshold Limit Monitor ✓ Threshold Limit Monitor
✓ Storage of all reports ✓ Storage of all reports
✓ VAT ID Registrations  
✓ Filing of VAT Returns  
✓ All Reports & Declarations  
✓ Tax Letter Inbox  
✓ Automated VAT Calculations  
✓ Multi-level quality assurance  
✓ Team of Tax Accountants on site  
✓ and much more!  


You can subscribe to Hellotax’s VAT tool with a yearly contract or on a monthly basis. Essentially, this choice will depend on whatever suits you best as a seller. To access more detail, you can find a list of all Hellotax's services and features here


Discount on Hellotax's VAT tool for Sawa clients

Given that Sawa is a Hellotax's partner, we’re able to offer our clients a 10% discount on the first year of the paid Hellotax's VAT service. What’s more, the discount applies whether you opt for an annual or a monthly subscription. 

Contact the Sawa team to find out more and sort your VAT compliance across Europe!