December 13, 2022

How we ranked Suitical to be 'Bestseller' on Amazon


Suitical is a leading brand in the design and manufacture of protective apparel for pets. Founded in 2007, the brand works in close collaboration with veterinarians and other global professionals to continually optimize its products. Suitical’s premium quality, non-toxic garments aim to reduce pets’ recovery time and improve their experience during periods of recuperation. 

Suitical contacted us to optimize their brand presence on Amazon. Working in close collaboration with the brand, our team implemented a comprehensive strategy to transform Suitical’s Amazon image. 


Optimizing Suitical’s catalog on Amazon was a top priority, alongside gaining total control over brand content. We aimed to create a brand story that clearly showed Suitical’s ethos and values. Suitical also wanted to decrease returns rates, improve conversion rates and increase the international availability of their stock. The brand wanted to target multiple domains, reaching customers in Europe, Canada and the USA. 


“Suitical was already available on Amazon, but we hadn’t got full control of our own brand. With the help of Sawa, our brand has been structured and organized on Amazon and no one except us is able to control the brand.” – Melvin Kok, CEO at Suitical International B.V.

Amazon Brand Registry: Suitical Gains Full Brand Control
Sawa officially registered the Suitical® brand on every Amazon marketplace. Vitally, this handed Suitical total control of its brand presence on Amazon. 

Previously, all Suitical sellers were able to edit the brand’s Amazon product data. Understandably, inconsistencies rapidly arose. Incorrect information (such as inaccurate sizing tables, incorrect titles and misleading bullet points) generated high returns rates, as customers simply ordered the wrong product. 

Now, Suitical alone is able to edit its catalog items, product content and images, amending incorrect information and preventing future inconsistencies. 

As we have fully registered Suitical with Amazon’s Brand Registry Program, the brand is now able to report intellectual property violations. From now on, copyright and patent infringements will be reported in seconds. Amazon’s internal system and algorithms are now aware that Suitical’s Amazon account has full brand authority, which heavily decreases time spent solving any brand-related issues. 

Branded Amazon Stores: Designing a Customer Journey

Our team created Branded Amazon Stores on all the relevant Amazon domains. This enhanced Suitical’s brand credibility, widened its international scope and improved customer experience. 

Since 2014, Amazon has enabled brand owners to build their own Branded Amazon Stores. As Suitical is active in Europe, Canada and the USA, we created Branded Amazon Stores on these marketplaces, in all the local languages. This provides Suitical customers with the best possible consumer experience.

Now, Suitical’s Brand & Product Story can easily and effectively reach their global target audience. In addition, new products, features and deals can be easily introduced.

Another benefit of this strategy is that, when combined with our Sponsored Brand advertising campaigns, we can bring many new customers to Suitical’s Branded Amazon Store. The screenshot on the left shows the impressive results this strategy has enjoyed since its launch. 

The Suitical Branded Amazon Store will help customers choose the right product, enhancing their browsing and buying experience. 

If you compare Branded Amazon Stores to a normal webshop, you’ll see that they effectively have the same goal. Stylized, creative pages complete with enhanced content create an effective, credible brand image. Branded Stores reinforce the brand’s core values and unique selling points by including a product showcase. 


For the full experience, view the Suitical Branded Amazon Store here.

A+ Pages: Enhanced Product Content

As well as creating a Branded Amazon Store, Sawa designed and created A+ content listings for all 49 Suitical products. Amazon has multiple beneficial features that are only available for registered brands; without these additional features, a brand’s customers will experience only basic elements on default product listings. With the beneficial features available for registered brands, customers enjoy a far-improved user experience on enhanced product listings: registered brands can add featured images, sizing tables, product highlights and more to their Amazon pages. For Suitical, these well set up A+ content listings have led to decreased returns rates, which was one of the brand’s main goals.

Catalog Optimization: Consolidation of Brand DNA

Sawa optimized the entire Suitical product catalog with a comprehensive restructure of the brand and product data. 

Sawa implemented a full re-organization of Suitical’s product titles, images, specifications, warning policies, bullet points and all other relevant data sets. This was carried out across all the brand’s Amazon marketplaces, in all the relevant languages.

Schermafbeelding 2021-10-12 om 11.38.49

Brands that present complete product information perform better on Amazon, as A9 algorithms favor brands that are well organized and credible. Above all, it’s vital that brands present relevant product information in order to perform well on Amazon.

These updated product listings will be in place for years to come, with no ongoing changes required. Furthermore, only Suitical and Sawa have permission to edit these changes.

Using our in-house knowledge, we have promoted Suitical all the way to the top of the Dog Surgery Recovery Suits category. Numbers 1 to 10 are all Suitical items!

Sponsored Brands: Amazon Advertising

Sawa launched a Sponsored Brands advertisement campaign for Suitical, driving a significant increase in customer traffic on the Branded Amazon Store and individual product listings. 

With millions of products listed on the Amazon marketplace, brands need to stand out to succeed. Amazon Sponsored Brands benefit from improved visibility and discoverability on the platform, leading to increased consumer traffic. With Sponsored Brands Advertisements, Suitical can showcase its products to customers who otherwise might not have come across the brand. Initially, Sawa and Suitical set a target KPI of <10% ACoS. Our results show that we’ve done even better, generating an average ACoS of 7.24%!

With Sponsored Brands Advertisements, Suitical products will appear at the top of the results list for search queries containing product-relevant or competitor-related keywords. This auction-based bidding model makes it possible to showcase the brand without having listings ranked organically. Below, you can see the Sponsored Brands advertisements we have set up for Suitical.


This strategy is essential to the brand’s success, as we know that consumers increasingly use Amazon to search for specific products that they’re looking to purchase. 55% of consumers now use Amazon to make their initial product search and 90% of consumers use Amazon to price-check products, even if they first viewed them on another site. With proper advertising campaigns, Sawa ensures that our clients will be found.

For example, if a potential customer searches “dog post-surgery” on Amazon, Suitical’s Sponsored Brands Advertisements will appear in the results. This effectively increases both consumer traffic and sales.

Multiple Amazon Domains: International Scope

Sawa reinforced Suitical’s international scope by optimizing the brand’s presence on multiple Amazon domains: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.it, Amazon.es and Amazon.ca

Access to a globalized customer stream presents a significant advantage for any brand.

“The benefits of combining Amazon advertising campaigns with a proper customer journey have been enormous for us.” – Melvin Kok, CEO at Suitical International B.V.

Since our strategy was implemented, Suitical has experienced ongoing success across sales, advertising and customer experience.


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How we ranked Suitical to be 'Bestseller' on Amazon

Suitical is a leading brand in the design and manufacture of protective apparel for pets. Founded in 2007, the brand works in close collaboration with