December 13, 2022

Launching The Duchess on Amazon

 The Duchess is the world’s first non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic. Launched in September 2016, the South African brand has capitalized on a strong upward trend in the desire for non-alcoholic alternatives to traditional tipples. Crafted with the finest aromatic botanicals, The Duchess offers the healthy, successful and discerning individual a classic gin and tonic flavor. Better yet, it’s without the excessive alcohol and sugar intake.  

The Duchess drinks are currently sold in physical retail stores across the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Australia and South Africa. The brand has recently been funded by AB InBev, the largest brewer in the world. An open stock market company, AB InBev owns multiple established beverage brands. These include Budweiser, Bud Light, Stella Artois, Beck’s, Hoegaarden and Corona.


Prior to partnering with Sawa, The Duchess’ products weren’t available for sale online. The brand contacted us to craft a comprehensive strategy for launching its range on Amazon, marking its first venture into the world of eCommerce. 

Our main goal was to position The Duchess products as easily discoverable for new and existing Amazon shoppers. Ensuring that a product stands out among the 3 billion on Amazon is no mean feat. Fortunately, Sawa has developed a failsafe strategy to leverage all the features Amazon offers for sellers aiming to rank highly on the platform. This strategy has proved effective for previous clients, and worked just as well for The Duchess. 

Soon after we launched its customized Amazon strategy, The Duchess reached top ranking positions on Amazon. These covered both relevant product categories and search term queries, resulting in a notable stream of new eCommerce revenue. 


“We have been amazed by the organic sales growth and look forward to diving deeper into this exciting ‘direct to consumer’ sales channel.” – Johannes Le Roux, Director and Founder of The Duchess

Full-Service Account Management

The key to good business is focusing on your strengths. For The Duchess, that’s crafting world-class alcohol-free Gin & Tonics, infused with the finest, freshest botanical flavors. For Sawa, it’s crafting leading brand presence on Amazon using strategies informed by in-depth analytics. 

With our Full-Service Account Management service, we took on almost all management responsibilities for The Duchess’ Amazon business. This enables The Duchess’ team to focus on their areas of expertise, while we take care of optimizing their competitive eCommerce position. As part of our comprehensive Full-Service Account Management service, we provide The Duchess with access to a dashboard where the brand’s team can view all its Amazon revenue data in real time. 

That way, The Duchess can access data on daily profits, advertising spend, current inventory, revenue forecasts and much more, retaining a clear overview while Sawa handles the day to day management of its Amazon business. With monthly scheduled calls, we discuss upcoming growth steps, promotion strategies, profit and loss data and any other relevant topics. This ensures we are building a sustainable Amazon business that perfectly encapsulates the brand ethos of The Duchess.


Multiple Amazon Domains: International Scope

“Amazon has always been quite daunting to us. We understood the opportunity but did not have the knowledge and experience to take the big step. With the help of Sawa, we are now available via Amazon across Europe.” – Johannes Le Roux, Director and Founder of The Duchess

Prior to its partnership with us, The Duchess had no eCommerce strategy in place. Utilizing our in-house knowledge and expertise, we launched the brand on various Amazon domains: Amazon UK, Amazon DE and Amazon ES.

Access to a globalized customer stream presents a significant advantage for any brand. With an international consumer base across multiple continents, The Duchess is now primed for successful long-term eCommerce performance. 

Branded Amazon Stores: Designing a Customer Journey

We developed Branded Amazon Stores for The Duchess on all the relevant Amazon domains. This enhances the brand’s credibility, creating an elegant environment where potential customers can easily select the right product for them via an enhanced browsing and buying experience.


Brand owners have been able to build their own Branded Stores on Amazon since 2014. Given the high-class, artisanal qualities of The Duchess’ branding proposition, we could easily craft a sophisticated Branded Store page, featuring a tasteful, classic design infused with images of lush botanicals. 

Now, The Duchess’ Brand & Product Story can easily and effectively reach their global target audience. In addition, new products, features and deals can be easily introduced.

A further benefit of this strategy is that, when combined with our customized advertising campaigns, we are able to attract a significant number of new customers to The Duchess’ Branded Amazon Store

When we compare Branded Amazon Stores to normal webshops, we find that they essentially have the same goal: to offer stylized, creative pages complete with enhanced content to portray an effective, credible brand image. A Branded Store reinforces The Duchess’ core brand values and unique selling points by including an elegant product showcase. 

For the full experience, you can view The Duchess’ Branded Amazon Store here.

A+ Pages: Enhanced Product Content

Alongside a Branded Amazon Store, Sawa designed and created A+ content listings for all The Duchess’ products. 


Amazon has multiple beneficial features that are only available for registered brands. Without these additional features, a brand’s customers will experience only basic elements on default product listings. 

By leveraging the added features available for registered brands, customers can enjoy a far-improved user experience on enhanced product listings: registered brands can add featured images, product highlights and more to their Amazon pages. For The Duchess, these A+ content listings have already contributed to significant rates of browser-to-buyer conversion.


We also created a separate page for The Duchess’ inaugural Refresh Your Mind campaign, inviting consumers to rethink, refresh and reboot as they reconsider how they drink, think and consume. Successful people simply don’t have the time for hangovers; for the modern, health-conscious consumer, elegant, delectable alcohol-free beverages are the obvious choice. 

Inventory Management: Streamlining The Duchess’ Range

Sawa optimized The Duchess’ Amazon range by implementing a thorough inventory management system.

A key element of this process is ensuring The Duchess’ brand and product data is accurate across all the brand’s Amazon domains. This includes titles, images, product specifications, warning policies and descriptive bullet points, alongside any other relevant data sets. 


Brands that present complete product information perform better on Amazon, as A9 algorithms favor brands that are well organized and credible. Fundamentally, it’s vital that brands present relevant product information in order to perform well on Amazon.

For The Duchess, these detailed product listings will be in place for years to come, with no ongoing changes required. By deploying our in-house expertise in this area, we have promoted The Duchess to top ranking positions across the relevant product categories. Its page, infused with trademark elegance, is now easily discoverable for both new and existing customers. 

Soon after our strategy was implemented, The Duchess gained top ranking positions on Amazon for relevant product categories and search term queries, generating a significant stream of new eCommerce revenue. 


Launching The Duchess on Amazon

 The Duchess is the world’s first non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic. Launched in September 2016, the South African brand has capitalized on a strong upward trend in the desire for non-alcoholic alternatives to traditional tipples.

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